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HTML 5 contains some new features(elemets,attributes,event handlers and APIs) which helps in advanced web application development.

  1. HTML 5 uses the Document Object Model (DOM).
  2. HTML 5 is easy to learn and develop web application.

Why Java Scrap Book ?

  1. Java Scrap Book contains details resources and reference for Web Application Development
  2. This segement contains all the material for Web Development from beginner to Advanced Level.

Who this resource is for?

  1. HTML5 tutorial helps anyonw who can operate computer and willing to learn web progromming.
  2. HTML 5 tutorial is good reference point for front End Developer.

Resource require for HTML 5 Programming and Testing

    You need testeditor or any online HTML editor to write the HTML code. is good online code edior for HTML.
    You should have browser to test your HTML code (Chrome,firefox,safari etc.

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