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Character Data Type in Java

  1. char data type in java is 16 bit Unicode character.
  2. Minimum value of character is 0
  3. Maxium value of character is 65535.
  4. char variable behave in integer. you can increment and decrement character variable
  5. Character is wrapper class for primitive char data type

Character Class Member Function

Some Important member function for Character Class
  1. getNumericValue()
  2. isAlphabetic(int codePoint)
  3. isDigit(char ch)
  4. isLetter()
  5. isLetterOrDigit(char ch)
  6. isLowerCase(char ch)
  7. isSpaceChar(char ch)
  8. isUpperCase(char ch)
  9. isWhitespace(char ch)
  10. toLowerCase(char ch)
  11. toString()
  12. toUpperCase(char ch)
  13. valueOf(char c)

Oracle Documentation for Character Class

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